5 Essay Writing Services to Steer Clear Of

Essay writing services can offer wildly different experiences; from scams and subpar products to an exceptional value that brings huge improvement to one’s academic life, it’s often impossible to know what you are getting into judging by the websites alone. What students need is a reliable source of information that tests the market, so they don’t have to. Instead of having them gamble with their time, money and grades, hoping that they strike gold, it is important that they have a real picture of what a typical experience with a company looks like.

Fortunately, RatedByStudents comes to offer excellent and unbiased reviews that guide students towards the worthy choices on the market. Our extensive experience with services from countless companies means that we know exactly what to look for. Today we will talk about 5 essay writing services that should be avoided. If you are looking for a reliable college paper writing service, make sure to visit our website and read detailed reviews.

1. EssayAcademia
The product did arrive on time, but that was far from enough to make up for the atrocious quality of the writing offered. A few mistakes would have been tolerable for us, yet this paper was from it – grammatical issues, incorrect word usage, and faulty sentence structures were to be throughout the whole text. Customer service was also unable to ensure that our issues were fixed; whether it was due to their lack of interest or weak writers is not relevant here. What matters is that the company can’t offer a decent product in the end. To think that the prices asked for are well above average is baffling. Discounts are available, with a promo code available for new customers and periodic coupon codes for returning customers – yet none of these are enough to save an unusable product.

2. EssayLand
While testimonials may paint a favorable picture of this company, the reality leaves us with no good things to say. The paper we received was very basic, lacking any notable insight – the resources were elementary as well, leading to the kind of text that says absolutely nothing of substance in the end. It seemed like a low effort that only aimed to fill pages – certainly not what you would dare to submit at a college level. Customer service was also unable to address these issues, as anything besides obvious grammar or writing mistakes was disregarded. With prices that are above average, there is no silver lining here.

3. HelpMyEssay
One of the absolute worst sites we’ve ever used, the problems extend way beyond the terrible page that you first see. Besides the very poor content and awful organization, you will notice several shady statements. For example, the company claims that the papers it produces are original, yet it asks students not to pass them as their own work – we wonder what the purpose of using such a service would be then? Our biggest shock was to find that the paper we received was already available on other websites as well. With email being the only way of contacting customer support, we were simply ignored. Although some will say it is not fraud or scam, as the company still delivers a product, the fact that it is stolen makes it useless. No rating can be low enough for a review of this – just stay away from the website.

4. EssayJedi
The problems encountered here were simplistic writing, elementary resources, poor insight on the topic chosen and the lack of a thesis statement. The paper we ordered for college resembled the work done by a high-schooler looking for nothing more than a passing grade. Customer reviews tell the same story – even for its lower than average prices, you would be better off looking at better-rated websites.

5. WriteMyPaper4Me
An atrocious paper comes to complete this list of negative experiences, as the instances of poor grammar and misspelling were so frequent that it would have taken ages to fix. Customer service did nothing to improve the product, leaving us with no option than to recommend that you avoid the company – there are plenty of superior choices to be made in the average price range.

Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Peer Review

The paper is well structured with titles giving a sense of direction to the readers. In the first paragraph, there is no clear thesis statement, but it shows what the entire paper will be discussing. In the first section after the introduction, the paper gives a Christian account of faith and goes deeper to select the Roman Catholic faith. This section provides evidence of Catholic faith, and it relates it to health care. In the next section, the author moves to Buddhism and gives a brief history of the religion. The author explains that the religion was founded by Gautama, who gave up all his princely benefits and earthly possessions to learn about the truths of the world (Jeremiah, 2013; Shelly, & Miller, 2006). However, there is no direct comparison between the two religions, and this leaves it to the reader to figure out the similarities. In the third section, the paper has common components in all religions. More evidence is provided by the Holy Bible. One important aspect missing in the paper is in text citation to support the evidence provided, although there is a reference list at the end of the paper, it is not possible to discern where each source was applied.

Health Care Provider and Faith Diversity Peer Review

The flow of the paper is fair, but there are some areas that make it difficult for the reader to understand. The author uses titles and subtitles to move from one point to the nest making the paper have a clear flow and direction. Besides, there are many lexical, spelling and grammar errors that interrupt the flow of the paper. For example, in the sentence, “Catholics believed that God created the heaven and earth and there is not created without God’s knowledge…” the author made a mistake and mentioned that “there is not created” instead of “there is nothing created”. Also, the author confuses some words. For instance, in the sentence, “Buddha never claimed to be God but a man of taught, enlightenment and teaches…” he confuses the word “thought” for “taught”. Similarly, the author seems to be confused by the use of the words “believe” and “believes” and also the words “Buddha” and “Buddhists” are used interchangeably. For example, the writer says “Buddha believes” instead of “Buddhists believe.” The author could improve the flow of the paper by using correct grammar and sentence structure.

The author organized the paper in a good way; he made it clear using titles and headings and moved systematically from one aspect to another. It is commendable that he explains the two religions of Christianity and Buddhism briefly and then proceeds to compare different aspects of the two religions in the following sections. The second last sections talk about the importance of patient’s faith when cared for by a caregiver from a different faith. However, the paper could have been organized in a different way as it is offered by certain. The author could have spent fewer efforts in describing the two religions in the first and second sections after the introduction paragraph. Instead, he would have focused on giving comparisons between the two religions then proceed to explain some differences and how it could affect caregivers and patients from different faiths.

Effects of Violence on Individuals and Communities

Effects of Violence on Individuals and Communitie

Many activities and decisions undertaken by people on earth lead to positive or negative effects. Some of the doings are done for the benefit of humanity and end up influencing the lives of numerous people as well as communities. However, some actions and decisions that people make tend to cause catastrophic effects to them. Some of the ill effects originating from various human deeds may be done intentionally while others represent good deals that turn out to be sour. The human race faces various challenges in life some of which are natural while others are as a result of ignorance and recklessness (Fowler 48–58). Factors such as diseases can be said to be a natural phenomenon that occurs with very minimal human contribution. On contrary, war and violence occur as a consequence of human deeds or utterances that could be otherwise easily avoided. The world has experienced several instances of severe violence that resulted in appalling effect on the humankind. It can take place between two countries or more, as well as between to communities that fail to settle their disagreements or disputes by use of amicable and professional tactics. Moreover, some violence can occur between two individuals or a group of people following various disputes. 

Regardless of the form of violence, participants, location and time of the occurrences, the aftermath of any war is undesirable. Most archaic Greek Poets have produced impressive work over time that addresses violence in broad angles. The work of the poets explains various form of violence as well as their associated repercussion. The poems enlighten war, natural violence, and civil strife.

War as a form of violence comprises of armed conflict that occurs between various countries or amidst certain communities in a country. On the hand, it can also be expressed through civil strife that is less severe compared to war. Civil strife is also known as civil disorder or unrest. It is a form of violence that is instigated by a group of people as a way of airing their grievances or expressing their dissatisfaction over particular happenings. The archaic Greek poets mainly focus on the effects of violence on the lives of people as well as that of the community. Whenever war occurs, humankind tends to suffer in a number of ways (Fowler 70–78).

The most critical and painful consequence of violence is the loss of lives. In most cases, masses of people are killed and others get serious injuries. The number of deaths depends on the form of violence, participants, and the weapons used. In wars involving two powerful countries, or communities a lot of citizens tend to lose their lives due to the use of modern and advanced armaments. Apart from death, wars result in severe injuries that render most victims disabled for the rest of their lives. Moreover, some injuries cause serious disfigurations that affect the victims greatly. Consequently, war causes a lot of sufferings to individuals not only due to physical injuries but also the ensuing mental torture.

There is no loss that is as great as that of a death of a person. Loss of lives hurts family members, relatives, and friends. Moreover, countries also undergo great loss of potential workers and productive people who happened to contribute to the economic growth.

Violence leads to loss of resources such as property, money and time. All forms of violence tend to destroy properties worth millions as well as wastage of money that could be spent in development treating the victims of war. Therefore, it goes without saying that war is an enemy of growth and development. Countries that are in war regularly tend to lag behind in terms of economic, social and political advancements.

Similarly, violence leads to displacement of people from their homes. After an outbreak of war, some communities may be forced to resettle to unspecified locations. Sometimes the communities may not be directly forced to leave, but due to increased incidences insecurities, it is rational to relocate to safer places. Often, the displaced communities end up settling in temporary camps where they are referred as refugees. Violence increases the number of refugees who resort to live in unfavorable conditions characterized by diseases, hunger and inadequate shelter.

The post we may find on  also addresses various approaches that have been used to alleviate the situations during the periods of war and disputes. They discuss various tactics such as creating a peaceful environment in the neighborhood and treating people with respect (Fowler 60–78). The best remedy for war and disputes is avoidance. However, if the disputes occur, the involved parties should embrace the modern and professional methods of conflict resolution. The poets discourage the use of violence has it does not solve the problem but creates more disaster. Conflicts can be solved by use methods such as courts, dialogues, mediation, and reconciliation. Some forms of violence are extremely dangerous as they tend to affect the current as well as the future generations. The Greek poets made it clear that there are different forms of violence that cause unbearable consequences to the individuals and the communities in general.